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Market Entry

Julio Gomez

Founder & CEO

"For over a decade, I've navigated the intricate challenge of entering new markets.

My collaboration with founders, aimed at unveiling the potential of the Iberian market for their products and services, hinges on crafting strategic partnerships, conducting insightful market research, and sculpting informed strategies across operations, marketing, and sales realms.

I take pride in orchestrating a turn-key service suite, meticulously tailored to pave a seamless pathway for successful entry into these vibrant and dynamic markets."  

Executive Summary

Julio carves a niche as a seasoned professional, boasting a distinguished track record in orchestrating market entry projects across diverse arenas such as fintech, robotics, autonomous vehicles, high-tech, and healthcare industries.

His acumen underscores his adeptness in accessing strategic partnerships, bridging clients with distribution networks and sales channels, catalysing a swift go-to-market process. Julio's proficiency in market research, manoeuvring through the Iberian market's intricate regulatory landscape, and decoding cultural nuances, lays the ground for a successful initial takeoff.

As a forward-thinking and outcome-centric leader, Julio flourishes in dynamic business ambiances, particularly in augmenting operational efficiencies. His expertise in technical architectural design, melded with composable state-of-the-art solutions, significantly mitigates the challenges of legacy technologies.

A cornerstone in Julio's arsenal is his vast network enveloping industry leaders, suppliers, and market makers. This network empowers him to foster meaningful liaisons between enterprises, collaborators, and prospective clients. His influential LinkedIn presence, with a following of 13,000, attests to his expansive personal and professional outreach.


With iBerotech’s voyage spanning over a decade, Julio’s ensemble has meticulously crafted pivotal ties across Spain and Portugal. This liberates you from the herculean task of independently forging strategic alliances. Their expertise can preserve innumerable hours and avert potential missteps, directly introducing you to partners and clientele.

At iBerotech, its dedicated team zeroes in on market entry consultancy with a focus on deliverables. Their robust connections with public officials, regulatory bodies, and top-tier market players position them uniquely to provide comprehensive assistance in integrating strategic associates."

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