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Market Entry

Julio Gomez

Founder & CEO

"For over a decade, I've navigated the intricate challenge of penetrating new markets.

The crux of my expertise lies in collaborating with international organisations aiming to initiate lending operations in the Iberian landscape.

It's a genuine passion of mine to have developed a turn-key service suite, meticulously tailored to ensure successful entry into these dynamic markets.

Executive Summary

Julio stands out as a seasoned professional, boasting a distinguished track record in spearheading market entry projects for lending entities. His expertise shines in manoeuvring through Spain's intricate regulatory landscape, grasping business nuances, and acclimatising to varied cultures.

As a forward-thinking and outcome-focused leader, Julio thrives in dynamic business settings, particularly in enhancing operational efficiencies within the realm of online lending services. His prowess in architectural design, combined with composable banking solutions, eradicates the challenges posed by legacy technologies.


A pivotal asset in Julio's arsenal is his vast network encompassing industry connoisseurs, suppliers, and market influencers. This network empowers him to bridge meaningful liaisons between enterprises, collaborators, and prospective clients. His influential LinkedIn presence, with a following of 13,000, testifies to his expansive personal and professional outreach.


With iBerotech's journey spanning over a decade, Julio's ensemble has meticulously forged pivotal ties in both Spain and Portugal. This relieves you of the overwhelming task of independently forging strategic alliances. Their expertise can spare you innumerable hours and potential missteps, directly introducing you to partners and clientele.


At iBerotech, Julio and his dedicated team focus on market entry consultancy in the online lending sector. Their well-established connections encompass public officials, regulatory bodies, and top-tier market players, positioning them uniquely to offer all-encompassing assistance in integrating strategic associates.

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