I'm the Founder and CEO of iBerotech Ltd. 

For over a decade I have been exposed to the troubling issue of broken pay cycles for low-wage employees. 

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a destructive cycle that leads to overdrafts and costly payday loans for too many. I have learnt that helping individuals stay out of debt is very much about pay timing.  

I am passionate to finally offer a set of services, a financial wellness suite that is helping employees accessing their earnings on-demand, timed to their needs. And in doing so bridging this endemic pay gap for millions of employees, freelancers, and gig-workers. 

Hi! I'm Julio

The facts

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Employee turnover 

72% of employees experience financial stress at least once a year.


35% fall short on expenses between pay periods, leading to at least 3 struggles to meet a payment obligation each year.  

29% earning <€1.000 experience difficulties meeting payments. 

€1tn of accrued pay is retained in employers' treasuries at any given time across the OECD countries.  

20% of employee turnover is attributable to financial stress. The combined effect of this is estimated to cost employers in the US and the UK  c.$300bn annually (EY - On Demand Pay.pdf). 

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Financial wellbeing 

Financial stress leads to low-productivity, absenteeism, and lower job performance. 

Financial wellbeing starts with empowering employees accessing their earnings when they need them, on-demand. 

Our financial wellness suite enables same-day wage access, free of charge, disrupting the payday cycle. 

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Fixing the broken
pay cycle

Low-income employees’ biggest asset is their hard-earned salary, hence accessing their wages without restrictions should be mainstream, a HHRR standard practice.   


We’re on a mission to empower low-salary employees by supporting their right to access their earned wages, timed to their needs.

We provide the technology layer and the funds needed to bridge the pay gap, improving the lives of millions of engaged employees, freelancers & gig-workers. 


Give employees instant access to their earnings

Get started right away.

  • Zero integration hassle.

  • Zero financial burden: we provide the funds.

  • Delight your employees, improve engagement and retention rates.  

Become the employer of choice, today!

Attract, retain, and engage talented employees.