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B2B sales outreach services that generate qualified leads

  1. Obtain dedicated B2B SDRs and BDMs

  2. Performance-based, pay as you go

  3. Meet with exclusive distributors

We handle your B2B SQLs prospecting in Spain and Portugal.

Choose your service model

B2B qualified sales meeting

What you get

✔️ Dedicated SDR

✔️ Outreach strategies via email and phone

✔️ Sales qualified leads (SQLs)

✔️ Content marketing 

✔️ No setup fee

✔️ Each sales meeting starts at 200€*

Introductions with key strategic partners

What you get

✔️ Dedicated BDM

✔️ Outreach via 1st & 2nd degree connections

✔️ Introductions with distributors & partners

✔️ Content marketing 

✔️ No setup fee

✔️ Performance-based as a % from revenue*  

*Both service models are crafted with scale-ups in mind. They include a fixed 720€ monthly retainer for account management and reporting, along with a performance-based component, highly sought-after in today's market.

You have the option to either pay a fixed fee for each sales meeting we arrange on your behalf or choose a percentage of the revenue generated through our strategic introductions.

These two packages come with a 30-day termination notice, significantly shorter than the 3 to 6 months industry average, providing a confident solution, assured in our ability to deliver on our promise.

Meet with SQLs straight away

Get meetings with sales qualified leads (SQLs) on your budget

"At iBerotech, we take an equitable approach to working with startups and scaleups while navigating the Spanish market through sales outreach services. Our experience working with diverse products equips us with unbeatable market expertise."

Market-specific expertise

Dedicated sales teams in Spain and Portugal _edited.jpg
Dedicated, market-knowledgeable sales teams 
  • Access a team of native sales representatives 

  • Launch targeted outreach strategies 

  • Engage with pre-qualified prospects

  • Close sales while growing a new market

Unlock the unparalleled advantage of a local, market-attuned sales team. Unlike distant operators, our on-ground personnel are immersed in the local narrative, fostering organic connections within the community. This often overlooked yet crucial facet is your gateway to resonant market strategies, and at iBerotech, we prioritise it for your success.

SDR Salesforce as a service

At iBerotech, we know how important it is for any scale-up to have a competent and efficient SDR Salesforce (Sales Development Representative). That’s why, among our commercial services, we offer SDRs on a performance-based model that will help you generate, identify and attract qualified leads and get SQLs in a short period of time.

We bring the clients,
you do what you're best at 

Sales outreach services allow you to keep your overheads at bay.

We understand the market and have nurtured an extensive network since 2011.

You can use our expertise, knowledge and contacts network to achieve better and more qualified prospects. 

What do you get? 

Our SDRs will focus on mapping the market, prospecting, lead identification and qualification.


Your team can concentrate on negotiating, closing the deals and managing accounts and projects.  

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