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Cold call me, obviously

A guide to scale sales teams abroad

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“There’s a stat that’s being kicked around right now: 75% of sales reps in tech companies missed their number last year.” — Dan Hyde, CEO at executive search Erevena.

Scaling sales teams: The growth dilema

As companies embark on the path of rapid expansion, the sales function becomes a critical enabler of success (cold call, outreach, lead generation, closing sales). However, the challenge of building and scaling an effective sales team can be daunting, particularly for startups and scaleups operating in diverse markets. In this landscape, the opportunity to leverage the expertise of B2B sales services providers emerges as a compelling alternative to the traditional approach of building costly in-house teams.

Cold call, overcoming the talent crunch

One of the most significant hurdles faced by growing companies is the scarcity of top-tier sales talent. There is an intense competition for skilled salespeople, with over 75% of tech company sales reps missing their targets in the previous year. Building an in-house team capable of navigating complex sales cycles and nurturing customer relationships across multiple markets can be a formidable task.

By partnering with B2B sales services providers, companies can gain immediate access to a pool of experienced and locally-attuned sales professionals. These providers possess deep knowledge of the specific markets they serve, enabling them to tailor their approach and strategies to resonate with local buyer personas and cultural nuances. This localised expertise can be instrumental in accelerating the sales process, increasing conversion rates, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

Leveraging scalability and flexibility

As companies scale, the need for agility and flexibility becomes paramount. Building and maintaining an in-house sales team across multiple regions can be a resource-intensive endeavour, requiring significant investments in recruitment, training, and infrastructure. This fixed overhead can strain budgets and limit a company's ability to respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.

In contrast, B2B sales services providers offer a scalable and flexible solution. Companies can rapidly expand or contract their sales efforts across different markets without the associated overhead costs. This adaptability allows businesses to respond quickly to emerging opportunities or market shifts, ensuring that their sales resources are optimally aligned with their growth objectives.

Harnessing cutting-edge sales technology

The importance of leveraging sales technology to drive productivity and efficiency should not be understimated. B2B sales services providers often invest in the latest sales tools and technologies, equipping their teams with cutting-edge solutions for prospecting, lead generation, data analysis, and customer relationship management.

By partnering with these providers, companies can benefit from their technological expertise without the need for significant upfront investments or the complexities of integrating and managing multiple sales tech stacks. This approach ensures that sales teams have access to the best-in-class tools and insights, enabling them to operate at peak performance levels.

Focusing on core competencies

Outsourcing sales functions to specialised providers allows companies to concentrate their resources on their core competencies and strategic priorities. Rather than diverting valuable time and resources toward building and maintaining a large in-house sales team, companies can delegate this critical function to experienced partners.

This focus on core strengths can foster innovation, product development, and overall business growth, while the sales function is handled by professionals who specialise in their particular domain. By aligning their efforts with their core competencies, companies can maximise their competitive advantage and accelerate their path to success.

In conclusion, the opportunity to leverage B2B sales services providers presents a compelling alternative to the traditional approach of building costly in-house sales teams. Sales can be a tough nut to crack — especially as it’s a function most founders don’t know a lot about, says Liv Price, head of portfolio at Firstminute Capital.

“Sales is the most talked about function and we often have first-time founders who don’t know the best way to build that first sales team,” — Liv Price says.

Liv continues adding that too many try and build a team before they’ve got product-market fit. “Your salesperson is the most expensive hire. You want to save that until you’ve actually got something to sell.”

By tapping into the expertise, scalability, and technological prowess of these providers, companies can navigate the challenges of scaling their sales efforts, gain localised market knowledge, and maintain agility in the face of changing market dynamics. Ultimately, this approach enables businesses to focus on their core strengths while capitalising on the sales expertise of specialised partners, accelerating their growth and success in an increasingly competitive landscape.


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