Attract and retain talented employees

Provide your workforce with financial liquidity by giving access to their earnings on-demand. 

We will contact you within 24 hours on business days. 


From instant wages to improving your bottom line

  • Attract talented employees

  • Improve engagement

  • Reduce employee turnover 

iBerotech advances wages to employees on behalf of their employers.


We help large corporations and public organisations reduce their employee turnover.

We enable employees early access to their earnings

"Employees are really looking to get access to their earned wages earlier than typical."

Boehrly, Eldridge's CEO

Bloomberg 2020

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Achieve measurable impact

Less stressed employees can reach their full potential, improving productivity.


Reduce turnover costs

Employees who can freely withdraw earnings on-demand, grow motivated and satisfied, resulting in lower turnover costs.  


Improve retention rates

Offering access to early pay has extraordinary financial benefits, impacting trust and retention rates.


Increase productivity

Financial wellness has a direct impact on productivity, and serves as an attractive claim for high-performing talent. 

Improve your market share and revenue

Focus on your workforce

  • Show up as a fair workplace.

  • Attract talented employees.

  • Engage focused employees.

  • Help employees reach their full potential by reducing their financial stress and unnecessary worry.  


Seamless integration, no hassle

In a few working sessions, without IT development, integrate our wellness suite in three simple steps


We start by analysing your payment processes; schemes, approvals, disbursements, and timing.


We will connect your backend with our API-based platform, reporting accurate wage earnings to the employee.


After testing and monitoring a sample group, we will roll out internal communications and launch. 

Employees can now access their earnings earlier

  • Living from paycheck-to-paycheck is a broken cycle that builds on stress and worries.

  • Give your employees on-demand access to their earned wages.

  • Less stressed employees can reach their full potential, resulting in a job well done and job satisfaction.  

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We focus on employees' financial wellness

This is how we do it

  • We enable employees to access a portion of their earned wages on-demand, when they need it.

  • Without hassle, we connect you with our financial suite in few working sessions.

  • We also provide the funds required to bridge the gap between paydays.  

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Help employees to access their earnings, anytime

Get started right away

  • Zero integration hassle.

  • Zero financial burden: we provide the funds.

  • Delight your employees, improve engagement and retention rates.  

Become the employer of choice, today! 

Attract, retain, and engage talented employees.