Seamless setup, no hassle

Install the app, connect your gig-platforms and get a 100€ instant top-up in your card, no questions asked, no fees, no interest. 

Install the App

Download and install the App in a few minutes, seamlessly.


Allow the App to communicate with your gig-platforms. 

Activate card

Activate your virtual card and start paying for bills or sending money. 

Gig-workers can now access their earnings instantly

1. One App, all platforms
2. Daily pay advances
3. On your mobile wallet 

iBerotech provides gig-workers daily access to their earned wages

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Bring all your gig-business into one single App and streamline your cashflow

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Decide when to get paid

All-in-one financial app to manage all your gig-business, wages and expenses 

  • No monthly fee​, no minimum balance.

  • Your earnings available directly on your mobile wallet. 

  • Need an advance to cope with expenses? No problem, we got your back.

  • Reach your full potential with reduced financial stress and unnecessary worry.  

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Gig-orkers can now access earnings earlier

  • Living from paycheck-to-paycheck is a broken cycle that builds on stress and worries.

  • We give gig-workers on-demand access to their earned wages, without additional costs.

  • Less stressed workers can reach their full potential, resulting in higher billing hours and job satisfaction.  

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We focus on workers financial wellness

This is how we do it

  • We enable freelancers & gig-workers to access a portion of their earned wages on-demand, when they need them.

  • With no costs or hassle, we connect your gig-platforms with our App, in few steps.

  • We provide the funds required to bridge the gap between paydays, so that you have cash for your expenses. 

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“Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a destructive cycle that leads to overdraft fees and costly payday loans for low-wage workers. I have worked for years in the fintech industry, I have learnt that helping individuals stay out of debt is very much about pay timing.  

Our financial wellness suite is helping individuals accessing their earnings on-demand, timed to their needs.”

Julio Gomez, Founder & CEO at iBerotech

We're bridging the pay gap


Get paid in avance of your pay-cycle   

Get started right away

  • Zero integration hassle.

  • Instant pay advances.

  • Full visual control of your balance.

  • Secure withdraws via Apple / Google Pay.  

Get control over your gig-business, improve your liquidity 

Get your App with a VISA card and top it up straight away.