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+10yrs launching financial services in Spain 

Launching financial services in Spain starts here

  • Receive niche-specific legal and regulatory advice

  • Establish reliable key strategic partnerships

  • Craft a market-specific risk strategy

  • Deploy a swift operational launch  

Partnering with fintechs worldwide to launch operations in Spain.

"I am humbled to have founded a one-of-a-kind consulting agency in Spain. We support scaleups from market entry to their initial operational setup and with strategic guidance on their business development."

We're your
go-to-market partner


Business cases

GetBucks went from 1.3m in arrears to develop a cost to recoveries ratio of 3.6%  

The problem

Relocating operations to a foreign market like Barcelona involves multifaceted challenges, ranging from securing cost-effective office space to optimising debt collection processes. GetBucks confronted these issues as it sought to establish its Barcelona operations.

The solution

iBerotech delivered comprehensive support, from the initial setup to ongoing operational optimisation. This enabled GetBucks not only to successfully relocate its operations but also to realise significant efficiencies in customer acquisition and debt recovery.

Over a decade launching financial services operations for foreign organisations 

"Julio supported the operational ramp up of Ferratum's operations in Spain, tasked to recruit strategic partners Julio demonstrated hands-on problem solving skills and outstanding commitment. Through enthusiasm, energy and a results driven approach Julio was able to line up potential partners in the financial service industry in a short time."

Dirk Haro

Regional Director Western Europe at

Multitude Bank (FERRATUM)

'Modernise or die' has never been more pressing

"In the Generative AI-driven era, if your loan application still relies on a slider, you're not seeing the full picture. It would be like comparing cassettes to music streaming."

Start on the right foot; we've made a enough mistakes so you won't have to

Get introduced to strategic vendors and key partners straight away


Strategy planing

A thorough market research and competitor's analysis is key to design a winning go-to market strategy, and yet many fail to get it right the first time. 


Operational setup

Launching your lending business in Spain doesn't have to be a trial-and-error process when you can count on several years of expertise. 


Key introductions

Key partnerships are a power multiplier. Launching new businesses successfully will greatly depend on the quality of your partners.

Access EU's 4th largest 1.4tn GDP market

A fragmented lending sector that poses huge upside potential 

  • €72.5b non-mortgage household loan market size

  • €5.7b alternative lending market size

  • €476b forecasted personal loan market size 2027 (CAGR 11,79%)

Spanish homogeneous lending space offers little differentiation, which represents a great opportunity for innovative products and distribution channels. 

Discover market gaps and other opportunities

Gain insights into underperforming market players and identify prime acquisition opportunities

Craft a 360º strategy 

Market-specific strategising sets you for winning

  • Design your product to stand out

  • Improve your customer acquisition costs

  • Build a memorable brand 

  • Design a smooth go-to-market plan 

A well-informed strategy adopts a holistic approach. Spain, with its rich history and varied consumer base, offers a wealth of opportunities. While some might use a one-size-fits-all approach, we believe in devising strategies tailored to the unique nature of the market.


Informed strategic decisions lead to successful market entry 

Let's work together through your budget, timeline, and expectations 


We start by listening, then together we will analyse your existing products, budget, timeline, and expectations to ensure a smooth start.


We will connect you with top-tier partners who will ensure a smooth setup of your operations, and will help you hire the best available team members.


After testing and monitoring an initial MVP, together we will roll out a first iteration of your product and will engage with marketing and sales actions. 

Templo de Debod madrid.jpeg
Streamline your operations

Efficient processes will get you closer to brake-even

  • Minimise customer onboarding touchpoints 

  • Automate repetitive low-value tasks

  • Optimise for cost-reductions

  • Focus on user experience​

By embedding automation as the backbone of your operations, not only you improve customer experience, you will capitalise in economies of scale and increase productivity, while freeing time and focus on high-value activities, creating a virtuous circle. 

Let's do business in Spain

Manage your risk exposure

Focus on preventive actions

  • Identify and reject fraudsters

  • Outsource your scoring algo

  • Monetise on late payers

  • Proactively manage your arrears buckets 

Drawing from our extensive experience, we understand that southern markets, unlike the Nordics, necessitate a nuanced approach to risk mitigation. Cultural subtleties significantly influence loan repayment patterns, calling for a market-specific risk strategy.

"I understand the challenges managing financial services in a market that prides on exploiting loopholes. In Spain specifically, I've learned a great deal reducing defaults to a manageable level."

Manage your risk exposure

Plaza Mayor Madrid .png
Uncover revenue opportunities

Parallel revenue streams will strengthen your business outlook 

  • Resale rejected applicants

  • Build alternative products for cross-up-selling 

  • Issue branded debit cards for higher engagement

  • Monetise on white-label opportunities 

Many lenders overlook the fact that existing customers are often the most cost-effective and profitable in their portfolios. When not constantly putting out fires, your team can dedicate time to cultivating profitable revenue streams.

Don't leave money on the table

"The lack of a clear vision and understanding of your business environment will hurt your ability to become profitable and eventually to thrive."

Keep your customer acquisition costs at bay

Unpopular channels prove rewarding 

  • Engage with lead generators

  • Establish hybrid compensation schemes

  • Monetise rejected applications

  • Leverage guerrilla marketing 

Customer acquisition costs can range from €50 to as high as €300, especially with TV advertising. However, based on my experience, the optimal cost can be reduced to below €30 using a hybrid payout model.

Madrid .png

Validate your market entry play today

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